K-12 Concurrent Enrollment

K-12 Concurrent Enrollment

Special Student/Concurrent Enrollment Requirements for Admission of Students in Grades K-12

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Interested students should complete the K-12 Concurrent Enrollment Application form. Signatures of a school official and the parent are required. Regular enrollment fees apply.

Parents of students at 澳门太阳成首页 do not have a right of access to their child’s academic records without expressed written permission, regardless of the student’s age, per the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1976. A student may fill out the Release of Information form for each semester attending to grant their parents or guardian access to their academic records. The form is maintained in the Office of Student Services.

NOTE: The approval process can take time during peak registration, so do this early! It is highly recommended high school students turn in their completed paperwork several weeks before the semester begins. This will ensure the student has enough time for approval and registration prior to the start of the new semester. Applications submitted after the start of the semester will not be approved. You will be unable to register for classes until you receive notification stating you were approved to attend classes!

Use the following checklist to assist you in ensuring there are no delays in processing your paperwork: Student Checklist

The College may also require additional conditions such as:

  • Approval by the 澳门太阳成首页 course instructor when the student is in K-12.
  • A personal interview with the 澳门太阳成首页 instructor, or the Associate Dean of Student Services

Please note: Students are responsible for ALL applicable fees listed in the Class Schedule, as well as the cost of required textbooks and supplies as indicated by the instructor.

Concurrent Enrollment vs Dual Enrollment 

Important Information About This Program

Enrollment in courses for K-12 Special Students is subject to availability.

Except in unusual cases, students may only take courses not offered at their school, and normally, no more than 11 units will be approved.

Pre-College level math and English courses are not available to concurrent enrollment students (see chart inside Concurrent Enrollment application).

Please see the current Schedule of Classes before completing a Concurrent Enrollment application to make certain the desired course is offered during the semester for which concurrent enrollment is requested. Class Schedules are available at the high schools, 澳门太阳成首页’s homepage and on Campus.

All applicable fees listed in the Class Schedule will be charged, as well as the cost of required textbooks and supplies as indicated by the instructor.

After admission status is determined, the student will be notified and if approved, will be told when they can register at the College.Concurrent enrollment is not continuous: Students must be approved for each semester. Concurrent students are required to attend Orientation prior to the first time they enroll.

For continued enrollment at 澳门太阳成首页, the student must maintain a 2.00 GPA.

Students should submit their class requests as soon as possible and not wait until the last minute. If they wait, the likelihood and chances of their requested courses being available are poor. For example: A student knew she wanted to take PHIL-013 and ART-001A during the Spring 2013 semester. She submitted her request to OSS September 30th – well in advance of the registration period for the spring 2013 semester. The student could do this without the Spring Class Schedule, as these classes are always offered on a semester basis.

Why courses are denied:
–    Student does not meet a prerequisite.
–    High School Counselors should review student’s course requests to ensure they meet the prerequisites. Example: HS-061 has a prerequisite of ENG-050. The student tested into ENG-050, so the course was denied.

From page 15 of the Course Catalog, please note concurrent enrollment is for “Public school students who would benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational study…” and that “…students must fulfill admissions procedures as prescribed for students in the Student Success and Support Program…(and) the college reserves the authority to validate student readiness for college level study through the college Student Success and Support Program  guidelines…”

澳门太阳成首页 is eager to assist students in secondary schools to expand their learning opportunities appropriately; however, this program is intended for “advanced” scholarly or vocational study only. Therefore, concurrent enrollment students may not take pre-college level academic courses. These classes are:

•    ENG-050, ENG-051
•    RDG-050, RDG-051, RDG-055
•    MATH-057, MATH-050, and MATH-040
•    Physical Education Activity classes (PE)
•    English as a Second Language (ESL)
•    Developmental Education (Dev Ed)

Assessment/Placement testing is required for and prerequisites must be met for ALL college-level courses.

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State Legislation

As of April 2015:  Question: Which community college courses are considered advanced scholastic or vocational work?

Answer. The Chancellor’s Office has advised on several occasions that the terms “advanced scholastic or vocational work,” “community college level,” or simply “college level” refer to college credit courses acceptable toward the associate degree which have been properly approved pursuant to California Code of Regulations, title 5, section 55002(a). (See Legal Opinions 98-17 and 02-16, available at //

As of March 2014: State Legislation requires ALL students, including K-12 Concurrent Enrollment students, to attend Student Orientation prior to registering for classes.

November 2013: PE is no longer available to Concurrent Enrollment students.

June 2011: State Legislation now requires community colleges to provide K-12 Concurrent Enrollment students the lowest enrollment priority.

Office Location

The Office of Student Services is located in the 300 Quad, next to Bruce’s Place.

Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday 8am to 5pm
Fridays 8am to 3pm

Please note: Offices are temporarily closed to the public. Please contact 澳门太阳成首页 by phone or email. Students, please check your Campus Email for updates.

We are closed on all legal and college holidays.

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Contact Information

Office of Student Services
Copper Mountain College
6162 Rotary Way
P.O. Box 1398
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

(760) 366-3791
(760) 366-5257 fax

For additional information or if you have questions, please contact Janie Ramstorf, Assistant to Associate Dean of Student Services, 760-366-3791, ext. 5889 or by email